10-Month Budget Plans

Dear Valued Customer,

Believe it or not, it’s that time of year again to plan for your heating needs! If you participated in our budget plan last year, you will automatically be re-enrolled this year and you will receive your first budget statement in early September. If you have not participated in our budget plan, please give us a call (508-587-2139) or send us an email (info@ckoil.net) and we can get you set up!

Here is how it works:

In September we set you up with our optional way to smooth out your #2 home fuel oil payments this upcoming season with our TEN MONTH NO INTEREST BUDGET PLAN WITH A TEN CENT DISCOUNT FOR EVERY GALLON YOU BUY.

We estimate how much #2 home heating oil you will need this season, estimate what the cost will be, divide that cost by ten, and provide you with a statement with the first payment due September 15th. In June, if your payments have been made each month in a timely manner, your account will be credited with ten cents per gallon for every gallon you used during the heating season, which is considered September 1 thru June 30. If there was a credit balance on your account at the end of the last budget season, it is figured into your total budget amount for this season, making your monthly payments smaller. (Budget payments will be reviewed every 4 months and may be adjusted up or down based on how cold the winter is and any significant increase or decrease in the cost of the fuel oil.)


All balances from last season must have been paid in full to participate in this season’s budget program.

Burner service charges are not included in the budget and must be paid for separately. Unpaid burner service invoices are subject to finance charges!

Discounts apply to #2 home heating oil only and cannot be combined with other offers/discounts/programs including fuel assistance.


(If you were on autopay last year, you are set up the same this year but please contact the office with your email address for monthly email receipt notifications when your payment is processed)

If you are not on the budget, we request that you follow our current credit policy, which has not changed:

For accounts with extended credit: Balances paid within 10 days of delivery may take a 10 cent per gallon discount if the delivery is for 150 gallons or more.

Customers on our automatic delivery system are also eligible for the same discount on all full deliveries.
We will continue to offer 100 gallon deliveries at the posted price (no discount is available).
All account balances over 30 days old will still be subject to a 1 1⁄2 % finance charge per month.

We will not finance any more deliveries until the previous one is paid.

Please call the office if you have any questions! Thank you for your patronage.

Best regards,

Campello-Keith Oil Company, Inc.

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