Burner Service

No Heat? Give Us A Call!

But before calling, you may want to check these tips to possibly save the
expense of a service call if it’s a simple fix!

Do you have oil?

If you ran out and put in cans of kerosene, your heater still needs to be primed!

Is there power to your heater?

Did you check to make sure the emergency switch is ON?
Did you check your circuit breaker panel?

Do you have a digital thermostat? If yes, does it need new batteries?

Please note: If you have recently replaced your thermostat on your own, not all thermostats work with all heaters!

What is your thermostat set at? What is the temperature in the house?

Increase the thermostat at least six degrees higher than the temperature is in the room and wait twenty minutes to see if the temperature increases.

If you live in a mobile home (in addition to the questions above):

Is the door to the furnace closed?

Your furnace will not run if the door is open!

Or Are You Calling For No Hot Water?

Do you have heat? If no, refer to questions above
If you have hot water in your sinks but not in your shower, a plumber is needed!

OK, if none of these quick fixes worked, you’ll need to call us at 508-587-2139!
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